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So Much More Than 2x4's

With over 25 years of experience, Baldwin Construction & Development has been the industry leader in quality, innovation, and integrity when providing individuals with their renovation, restoration, and improvement needs. The company mission statement “The New Age of Building Foundations” is their vision for how business is to be conducted both figuratively and realistically. President John Petrov states, “I am not looking for one job from potential clients, I am looking to build a lasting relationship in which we can develop, grow, and reach our combined goals and success.” This passion and intensity has been the compass of the company to continuously grow and adapt to market, client, and industry shifts. This energy echoes throughout Baldwin and each team member is encouraged to not only think outside the proverbial “box” but throw it out completely. “Complete Client Satisfaction” is the only acceptable result of any endeavor Baldwin associates itself in. This is why Baldwin is a benchmark industry standard for excellence.

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